Memorial Opportunities

Will Bequests

Remembering us in your will is an excellent way to give to the parish. These donations are exempt from our 10% diocesan assessment. You simply need to get us a copy of the will for our records.


We currently receive many donations via memorials. Simply notify the funeral homes that you wish memorial donations to be made to St. James Catholic Church, 1071 Academy Drive, Conway, SC 29526. Thank you cards will be sent for all donations made and a running list of donations will be mailed to you for your records.

Tree of Life

This beautiful MEMORIAL TREE is located in the Gathering Space of the beautiful St. James the Younger Catholic Church in Conway, South Carolina. The tree has a bronze trunk and brass leaves. Foundation stones around the base are made of bronze.

The TREE OF LIFE provides an opportunity to perpetuate the memory or give special honor to a loved one in a way which both gives glory to God and helps our church. Many people have chosen to dedicate leaves or a foundation stone in memory of a deceased parent, child, or other special person. In other cases, the tree has been chosen as a way to specially honor persons on special occasions, for example 80th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, retirement, etc. This is a living tree, which can grow continuously, so dedications are always welcome!

Leaves are engraved for donations of $250 and up. Foundation stones are laid for donations of $2500 and up. Upon request, a personal announcement can be sent to whomever the donor designates.


Tree of Life

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