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Someone You Know Sick or Dying?

If you or someone you know is sick or dying and in need of prayers, visitation or the Sacrament of the Sick, here are some ways we can fulfill your needs:

Ministry to the Sick: If you or someone you know is in the hospital, at home or in a nursing center and would like to be visited by someone from our parish or would like to receive communion please call the church office at (843) 347-5168 or you can fill out the form below. Website submissions are only checked Monday - Friday. Anointing requests can be made through our pager number: 843-219-0125. If you have an emergency, contact Paula at (843) 457-4012.

Prayer List: If you or someone you know is ill and would like to have their name added to our prayer list please call the church office at (843) 347-5168. If you would like to pray for the physical and spiritual well-being of our parishioners and friends who are ill you can access the Prayer List in the church bulletin.

For information about Anointing of the Sick click here.

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