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Pastoral Council

Danielle Abadie

Danielle AbadieJoined Parish: 2012
Profession: Elementary/Middle School Teacher in Florence
Came from: Sterling Heights, MI (Suburb of Detroit)

Other Information: I have been married to my husband, Kevin, since 2010.  We have a son named James, and we live in Conway.  We enjoy going to the beach, sports, and traveling.  We like attending St. James Catholic Church and being involved because it has a family atmosphere and we know this is where we are supposed to be.

Jessica Barojas

Jessica BarojasJoined Parish: 2004
Profession: Dental Office
Came from:

Other Information:
Graduated from Conway High school and attended an academy where she majored in business management. Currently works in a dental office, is a member of a small faith sharing group, and goes for adoration in the chapel every Monday.  Former altar server, youth group member, and currently 3rd grade catechist. Enjoys helping everyone, specifically kids. Devotes her life trying to make a difference in people's lives, whether it be at work, church, a grocery store, or even the park because her belief is that where there is life there should be happiness, and where there is happiness there's God's presence.

Jeanne Halyard

Jeanne HalyardJoined Parish: 1987
Profession: Family Medicine Physician
Came From: Brooklyn, NY

Other Information:
Moved to South Carolina from New York City in 1986 as a National Health Service Corps physician to give care to the medically underserved. I met and married Michael Halyard and have been here since. Michael died in 2003. We have 2 daughters, Dominique and Alexis. Dominique attends Yale University in Hew Haven, Connecticut and Alexis attends Socastee High School.

Elvis Hernandez

Elvis HernandezJoined Parish: 1998
Profession: Painter
Came From: Mexico

Other Information:
I love to pass the time with my family and play with my children. I love to work in the garden with my wife. I love going out to eat as well.

James Hunter

James HunterJoined Parish: 2007
Profession: Retired
Came From: Medford, NJ

Other Information:
Retired on December 31, 2017 from Craft Mack Bakery as Sales and Customer Service Manager and Bread Specialist (Subway Account). Married to wife, Mary and have four adult children and have been blessed by God witgh 6 grandchildren, 2 obys and 4 girls. I am member of the Knights of Columbus.

Fidelia Rojo

Fidelia RojasJoined Parish: 2001
Profession: Homemaker
Came From: Mexico

Other Information:
I love to pass the time doing whatever my children love to do. I love my spouse and serving the Lord is a pleasure.

Charlene Roy

Charlene RoyJoined Parish: 2016
Profession: High School Student
Came From: Connecticut

Other Information:
I attend Carolina Forest High School in the 11th grade. I enjoy getting involved in church activities and communicating with others in the community.

Jim Streicher

Jim StreicherJoined Parish: 2005
Profession: IT Project Manager
Came from: Rock Hill, St. Philip Neri Parish (Fort Mill, SC)

Other Information:
Married with three children and one grandson. Works at CCU as an IT Project Manager. Teaches computer science courses adjunctly. Loves golf.

Ex Officio Members

Fr. Oscar Borda

Fr. Oscar BordaJoined Parish: 2019
Profession: Pastor
Came from: Rondon, Colombia, S.A.

Other Information:
He has been ordained a priest for over 20 years. He first served in the Phillipines for 5 years and then he came to the Diocese of Charleston. He was incardinated into the Diocese of Charleston in 2018.

Felipe Castillo

Felipe CastilloJoined Parish: 2008
Profession: Director of Evangelization
Came from: Zacatecas, Mexico

Other Information:
Married to Elba Castillo since 1992.  God has blessed us with two children and two grandchildren. Taught High School English Language Arts for seven years.  It gives me great joy to see others fall in love with Christ.

Deacon Jim Hinnerschitz

Jim HinnerschitzJoined Parish: 2000
Profession: Sprint
Came From: New York

Other Information:

Paula Loehr

Paula LoehrJoined Parish: 1990
Profession: Executive Assistant
Came From: Dalton, Massachusetts

Other Information:
Married to Timothy Loehr since 1983 with two sons, Michael and Justin and threegrandchildren, Ezra and Ezekiel (Zeke), and Esther. Was a Dietary Manager for a nursing home and a school system for 10 years prior to moving to South Carolina in 1990. Has worked for St. James for since 1991.

Suzanne McDonough

Suzanne McDonoughJoined Parish: 2017
Profession: Director of Evangelization
Came From: Denver, CO

Other Information:
Was in the dental field for 25 years, retired military 25 years, taught religious education for 22 years and was a lector at home parish in Denver. Is married with four daughters and one grandson.

Deacon Jeff Mevissen

Deacon Jeff MevissenJoined Parish: 1987
Profession: Engineer, AVX Corporation
Came From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Other Information:
He was ordained a deacon in 2002 and celebrates whatever small ways God works though him in this ministry. He and wife Susan have five children though the nest is emptying. They live in beautiful N. Conway where folks are young for their age. His diversions are running, cycling, and canoeing.

Taylor Monahan

Taylor MonihanJoined Parish: 2004
Profession: Director of Youth Ministry
Came from: Upper Marlboro, MD

Other Information:
Eating, Disney, Dogs, Ministry

Deacon Tim Papa

Tim PapaJoined Parish: 2007
Profession: Engineer, Manager
Came From: Omaha, Nebraska

Other Information:
Grew up in Nebraska and went to Iowa State University for electrical engineering. Served five years in the U.S. Navy as a submarine officer. Has lived throughout the south in a career as a manger and engineer of lumber mills. Has been married to Norma since 2008and has a son Benjamin. Is currently in diaconate formation with a projected ordination in 2019.