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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 5, 2016

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          Jesus was moved with pity, told the widow not to weep and the dead young man to arise.  And he rose from the dead.  Jesus paid no attention to the huge crowds that merged at that scene – the one following him and the funeral procession.  And then the people reacted – first in fear, then they glorified God, and then they acclaimed that God has visited his people.

          Elijah hears the widow of Zarephath who gives him a safe place to stay as he fled Ahab’s wrath, tell him that God must be punishing her for her sins in taking the life of her only son.  Elijah takes him upstairs and prays three times that God return the life-breath back to the body of this child.  And God answers Elijah’s prayers.  How the widow replies is crucial and the main point for us today.  “I know you are a man of God.  The word of the Lord truly comes from your mouth.”

          The Hebrew root of the word for widow “alem” literally means “unable to speak.” We have many widows in our parish who battle sadness and losses, but they have rights and many inherit pensions and savings from their husbands.  Widows at the time of Jesus lost their rights and voice when they lost their husbands.  So what Elijah did and Jesus did was brought back the lives of two people – the sons and the widows.

          Have we embraced the mission to the voiceless?  It can be those in human trafficking, those who lost loved ones in terrorists’ attacks, cartel wars, corrupt governments.  It can be those needing help in our midst.  I’m not talking about those who take advantage of certain systems of charity.  I’m talking about those who have nothing and no one to help them.

          Pope Francis has embraced the mission to the voiceless.  He has led by example and brings the good news of salvation to all people.  As the widow said to Elijah, you are a man of God because he was an agent of life through his actions, Will people say the same of each and every one of us?