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Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody


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This Week's Homily - August 6, 2017

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           Transformed In Love: His shining face and clothing expressed the luminosity of his being as the one through whom God’s life and love had taken flesh. 


  • After the Passion Prediction – Purpose to give him Hope that if he holds true to his mission, he will indeed rise from the dead as His Father promises
  • Joined with Moses and Elijah – He is the Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets. Moses freed the Israelites from slavery to the Egypts; through his death and resurrection, Jesus frees us from our slavery to sin and death itself.

Chose Peter, James and John – First of the Apostles, Beloved One and James who would go up to India and up to Spain.  John attributed to writing the Gospel. They witnessed the event.

Blinded by the Light of Jesus’ radiance and were dumbfounded.


God said, “This is my Beloved Son, Listen to Him.”  How did they do?

This is our Feast too.  How are we doing listening to Jesus?  John stuck with Jesus at the cross.  Peter and James didn’t.  In fact, Peter denied knowing him even after Jesus predicted his he would.


For some of us, we need to know that Jesus is telling us: “I want to heal your wounds.  And my healing with take some time because the wounds are deep and profound.”  For some of us, he is telling us:  “Let me forgive your sins.  You think what you did is beyond my power to forgive you, but that is a lie.”  For some of us, he is telling us:  “Let me help you release the resentment in your hearts, so that you may truly be my disciple.”  For some of us, he is saying, “Just coming to Mass when there is so much love you can share, is not being the disciple I have called you to be.”  To all of us he is saying:  I have been transformed and strengthened to do my Mission in Love.  Open your hearts and let me love transform you!”